Literacy forms one of the pillars of our curriculum at Glenferrie Primary School. All elements of the literacy program are differentiated, with teachers regularly providing feedback and encouraging the growth of their students. During the week, literacy is explicitly taught in every class, daily, incorporating reading, writing and speaking and listening.

The Early Years program has a strong focus on teaching phonics. Students have opportunities to develop their literacy skill through meaningful experiences such as making bread after reading The Little Red Hen story. Every classroom has it’s own class library and each child their own book box. The teachers take pride in nurturing a love of reading in all  their students. Each day students will be immersed in a rich literacy environment. 

Spelling is an essential component of our Literacy curriculum. Glenferrie Primary School takes a consistent, whole school approach to spelling using the Targeting Spelling program. The focus of which looks at the sound, sound blends, roots, common endings and meanings of words. Spelling is explicitly taught three to four times a week.

Glenferrie Primary students have regular opportunities to develop their reading skills and comprehension, beginning with daily independent reading. In the junior school, teachers do guided reading, focusing on the CAFE Menu. Senior students extend on their reading knowledge through reciprocal reading.

We pride ourselves on the excellent academic achievement of our students in their literacy skills. This is well supported by in-school and national data.