School Council

The role of School Council is to support the Principal in the running of the school.

All government schools in Victoria have a School Council. They are legally formed bodies that are given powers to set the directions of a school within centrally provided guidelines. At Glenferrie Primary School our Council consists of 12 members made up of our Principal, teachers and parents and they are responsible for working together to achieve the best outcome for the education of our children.

The role of School Council is:

  • Establish the broad direction and vision of the school within the school’s community
  • Develop and monitor the school strategic plan
  • Develop, review and  update school policies
  • Develop, review and monitor the Student Code of Conduct and the School Dress Code
  • Raise funds for school related purposes
  • Approve the annual budget and monitor expenditure
  • Maintain the school’s grounds and facilities
  • Enter into contracts (e.g. cleaning, construction work)
  • Report annually to the school community and to DET
  • Stimulate interest in the school generally

School Council does not manage the day to day running of the school as this is the responsibility of the Principal and staff.

Membership of School Council

Elections are held annually at the start of the school year and notified in the Glenferrie Gazette (school newsletter). The term of office for all elected members is two years. Half the members must withdraw each year and may stand for re-election, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections. Parents on school councils help shape the direction of the school through their input to debate issues within Council’s responsibility. Meetings are generally held monthly and we encourage all parents who are interested in being involved in School Council to consider nominating for the annual elections.

School Council Sub committees

School Councillors are expected to participate on at least one sub-committee.  Parents who are not on School Council are welcome to join a sub-committee of interest. We have two sub-committees at Glenferrie Primary and a Parents and Friends committee. The sub-committees are:

  • Finance
  • Buildings and Grounds
2021 School Council

Parent Member Category:

  • President: Chris Kendall
  • Vice President: Jane Sewell
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Elliot
  • Secretary: Katherine Henshall
  • Parents and Friends Co-opted Rep: Victoria Van Bavel
  • Other School Councillors are:
    • Andrew Tait
    • Seema Dogra
    • Taker Izuhara
DET Member Category:
  • Sue O’Sullivan (Principal)
  • Tanya Gurney (Assistant Principal)
  • Karen Bennett (Staff)
  • Alexander Murray (Staff)