At Glenferrie Primary School we enhance student learning by providing a rich inquiry-based curriculum. This involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. They can follow their own curiosity and develop their own learning paths. Students are involved in the Inquiry Cycle, which allows them to engage, explore, act upon and reflect on their understandings. Below is the Inquiry Cycle Process:

  • To tune in
  • Find out information
  • Sort the information
  • Draw conclusions
  • Go further by acting upon their gained knowledge
  • Reflect

This process encourages students to develop their capacity to take an active role in their learning. They develop critical, independent thinking skills, reflect on how their actions impact the environment around us and how to work collaboratively in groups.

Our inquiry approach seeks to authentically link Literacy and Mathematics to the inquiry topics being taught, to provide authentic and meaningful learning contexts.

Inquiry Based Learning photo