Compass - Student Attendance and Administration System

Glenferrie Primary School uses the Compass Student Attendance and Administration system for many of its day-to-day administrative tasks.

The system is used to:

  • Communicate with parents, with class or school notes sent home as “news” items, text messages or emails.
  • For permissions and payment – parents can type their names into permissions forms, and pay for incursions, excursions and other fees through the Compass portal.
  • Attendances – Compass allows parents to register student attendance and the reasons for any absences.
  • Reports – School reports are delivered online on Compass.

We ask  you to log onto the Compass link every day. The pages will be regularly updated with information about school and class events, consent for permissions and events, and you can also pay fees here too.  Student reports are uploaded to compass at the end of each semester.

NOTE: To find the Compass App on your device, search for “Compass School Manager”.

When you open your parent portal on a PC, or through the browser, you will be able to see a list of events that you need to action. They will appear in green in the My News section on the front page.

Please note that you cannot directly sign permissions, consents, or payments through the Compass App on your phone or iPad. If you wish to do this through the App, go to the three-line menu button in the corner, click on it, and then scroll down to “Open through browser”.

Alternatively, log on to (and save) this link: Glenferrie PS Compass

It is really important that you type your name into these event permission and consent forms as soon as possible (assuming you consent). Your typed name acts as a signature. Unless you have consented to the Local Excursion Form, for example, a student will not be able to attend local excursions within the school district – inter school sports, for example, or a trip to the local library. If you do not consent to the Information and Communication Technology Agreement, then your child will not be able to use the school’s iPads or computers.

If you do not sign a form, the school will interpret this as not giving consent, and your child will not be involved in that particular activity.