Glenferrie Primary School Staff

Sue O'Sullivan

Sue O'Sullivan is the Principal at Glenferrie Primary School. She has been in the role since 2014. She has a passion for teaching and learning. Mrs O'Sullivan also loves to travel and enjoys spending time with family.

Tanya Gurney

Tanya Gurney is the Assistant Principal at Glenferrie Primary School. This year Tanya is also teaching visual Arts for two days a week. She started at Glenferrie in 2016 and became PYP coordinator in 2017, facilitating the school’s push to become an IB school. A keen Collingwood supporter, Mrs Gurney will often be found barracking for the Magpies from the members at the MCG.

Alex Murray

Alex Murray is a Leading Teacher and IB coordinator at Glenferrie. He is teaching Year 5/6 this year. Alex has been teaching at GPS since 2008. Through inquiry, he encourages his students to expand their knowledge base and skill set in new areas and to follow their interests. He loves to spend time with his family. He is now a proud father of Arnie.

Shelley Clinch

Shelley Clinch is the Business Manager at Glenferrie Primary School, having commenced in 2016. She has worked in many schools in 23 years in education. She welcomes and enjoys interacting with the entire school and community on a daily basis.

Rosie Findlay

Rosie Findlay is in the office where she has been since 2011. If she isn’t in the office she has gone fishing. Rosie works with us from Monday to Thursday.

Claire Robertson

Claire Robertson is one of our Prep teachers who started with us in 2020. Before this, she was busy zooming around on skis teaching kids and adults how to ski in Canada! When she is not working hard in the classroom she can usually be found eating TimTams, dancing to Disney music or listening to Michael Buble!

Diyana Ismail

Diyana Ismail is one of our wonderful Prep teachers. She started teaching at Glenferrie PS in 2017. She is originally from Perth but made the move to Melbourne in 2016. In her spare time and when it’s not freezing cold, she loves to explore the city of Melbourne. She also enjoys going to the footy and is a keen Fremantle supporter.

Elise Boyle

Elise Boyle is a Year 1 teacher who has been working at Glenferrie since 2016. When away from school, Mrs Boyle enjoys going to the gym, socialising and spending time with her husband and four children.

Kim Nicholas

Kim Nicholas is a Year 2 teacher. She loves being back at Glenferrie after returning from Family Leave at the beginning of 2018. Kim had been at G.P.S. for eight years before that. Kim loves travelling with her family, and on weekends often spends time visiting friends and family in South Gippsland.

Ellen Angus
Ellen Angus

Ellen Angus is a Year 2 teacher and year level team leader. Ms Angus joined Glenferrie PS in 2017, after making a career change from urban planning. She enjoys maths, live music and freshly baked chocolate brownies.

Maya Radic

Maya Radic is a Year 3 /4 teacher. She joined Glenferrie Primary School in 2019, and has previously taught at schools in Melbourne and London, where she lived for two years. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and travelling, she has visited over 30 countries so far and hopes to keep adding to this list.

Lorelle Caulfield-Lloyd

Lorelle is a teacher of Year 3/ 4 . She joined Glenferrie Primary school in 2017. She has taught a several school in Melbourne. Lorelle is a keen gardener who also like to travel.

Skye Allen

Skye Allen has been teaching at GPS since 2016. She has worked in the UK. Skye is teaching Year 3 /4 and is an avid Geelong supporter and enjoys time with her dog.

Claire Fowler

Claire Fowler has been teaching at GPS since 2020. She is teaching year 5 /6 this year. She loves to spend time with family and loves to travel.

Melanie Inglefinger

Melanie Inglefinger is a Year 5/6 teacher. Miss Inglefinger joined the staff at Glenferrie in 2017. She enjoys seeing musicals and attempting to sing aloud many of their hit songs (her favourite musical is Les Miserables).

Rosa Paladino

Rosa has worked as the Italian Language Teacher and Coordinator at Glenferrie Primary School since 2006. Rosa is very passionate about teaching and learning associated with the Italian language and culture. Rosa is a keen Carlton supporter and she enjoys visiting ‘Brunetti’ in Carlton for a ‘caffѐ macchiato’!

Lina Zamperoni

Lina Zamperoni is our Performing Arts teacher. She loves spending her time with our students to develop their skills in performing arts. She is a keen, Italian speaking, North Melbourne supporter.

Melanie Roberts

Melanie is our P.E teacher who loves teaching our students different skills and how to play different sports. Mel has been working at GPS since 2015. Mel works part time Wednesday to Friday.Mel has returned from Family Leave. She now has two very lively children to keep her busy.

Annika Karlsson

Annika is one of our amazing integration aides. She loves working in the classroom and helping the teachers. On her weekends she keeps going with her job teaching in a Swedish school.

Fran Lefroy

Fran is another one of our wonderful integration aides who loves working with all of our students. In her spare time, Fran likes to take long walks with her family (including the dog) and reading.

Sven Svensson

Sven Svensson is the school's IT technician. His role is to ensure the school's computer systems are functioning properly. Sven loves anything to do with Geography and the world.

Madeline Smith
Madeline Smith

Madeline Smith started teaching at Glenferrie in 2016. Prior to Glenferrie, she taught overseas and at another inner city school. Madeline enjoys working with others, travelling, and reading a fabulous book with a great cup of coffee. Madeline is currently on Family Leave and is the proud mother of Arthur (Artie).

Cathy Taylor
Cathy Taylor

Cathy Taylor is currently on Long-Service Leave